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 I feel a bit bad about the first two entries here being sort of... well, you know what I mean if you actually read them. Mainly complaints about my mother and me being worried and confused. XD;
So here is a bit of finality:
1. Staying at school for now! :D
   This is because I managed to persuade the school to let me take a subject (Statistics w/ Modelling) that will enable me to get into the degree I want to in university.  This means I get to go to Argentina after all - $5000 not wasted! 8D
2. Waikato Uni has said they'll accept me even if I can't get all the credits (which will only be due to time restrictions in the exams, if at all) as long as I can prove that I know what I need to know. And it's not like the 18 Maths credits required for it are particularly hard to obtain anyway.

and now other things!

I also have the chance to do the Computing 103 Paper online this year so that's awesome, a head start - just need to persuade the teachers into letting me do it. But the teachers that I need to persuade are the same ones that just requested I re-do the logo of our school as a vector graphic without the pixellated edges that all of the current copies have, so I may try and bargain with them on that. :P

Classics is really, really awesome - the teacher is possibly the most interesting to listen to at the school (which I of course can't name because this is a public blog etc) aside from maybe the Spanish teacher. I'm going to try and get permission from him to record his lessons so if you're interested you can listen to his classes. For reference, when the teacher enters the class no-one talks. Not a syllable until the end of the period, at which point everyone lines up to ask him questions and discuss things. And it's not like he's banned us from talking, he's just that interesting. XD

And the Spanish teacher - "If they don't shut up and start speaking spanish then I will get you to sing all period. Yes?" XD
For those of you who know Misheard Whisper (probably everyone following me at this point! *is predictably not famous at all* :D), he is also in this class, which makes it twice as fun.

Electronics is cool so far; we're programming some robots based on something called "stamp bs2" which runs PBASIC code, a derivative of BASIC. The only hard thing about the subject - at all - is how painfully slow the computers are. They're running Windows XP using Novell to connect to Windows Server 2003 - on 128 MB of RAM. The minimum recommended RAM for XP happens to be 513 MB.
Since the RAM is all old SDRAM I'll probably just take a box of that in and install it in the computers so we actually get more work done. XD;
Luckily I can run all the things I need off my laptop, so that's not such a priority yet!

Physics is great so far but I don't have much to say about it yet. XD

Then I have also had cool stuff arrive from overseas which I am happy with... MW and I will probably finally be cosplaying this year at Armageddon. XD
I've started recording some covers of some songs while I have time before school ramps up and starts getting difficult, so you guys may see these on here at some point soon. Expect a bunch of them to have the same four chords as each other. :P

Anyway that's about it for now!
oh, one last thing: it seems that my new irc username is dammit_bay. XD

EDIT: Also I don't know how to add breaks so my posts may be quite... prominent on the Reading page. If this bothers you and you know how to add breaks, do tell. XP


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