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I told Mum last time she ambushed me that if i was going to talk to her any more about myself, then it would be on my terms, when I choose, at my own pace and that her constantly going "YOU HAVE TO TELL ME RIGHT NOW" was just making me really annoyed with her.
She keeps looking like she's going to ask again but she hasn't said anything else about it yet?

So, not sure what's up.

Going to go try and talk to the lady who can confirm my eligibility for hormones this week! Or at least make an appointment to do so.

Mum again

Feb. 5th, 2012 10:30 pm
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let's just say, to be quick, that I now have no idea whether I'm in high school or not. Because I was, then I wasn't and that was rather upsetting and then I was again and now I may or may not be.
Which means yay I'm even more angry with Mum than I usually am because she won't tell me! :D
And as usual it's not like I have any say in the matter.
Oh and also the Friday night thing still.
Happy, happy, happy!

EDIT: also I'm aware that I haven't replied to any of your comments on the other post I made - I was very happy to receive them and have in fact written replies to many of them but managed to lose them through dad resetting the router randomly at one point. <.


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