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 Today was mixed for me. I had a lot of fun during it, but towards the end I started getting rather down because what's been practically my only out-of-school social activity (such as it was) is cancelled indefinitely for me. Rather, it's been moved to Saturday afternoons from Friday nights, which doesn't work for me because I've got no reliable transport on Saturdays. So, yeah, there was that.
Thomas also somehow won tickets to the new Pokémon movie so I'm going to see that tomorrow with him and our other friend, Peter!
Also, in Classics my teacher commented that there are other plays than those by Aristophanes that he would like to teach, but NZQA won't let him because they are "too adult". So instead, we have Philocleon (with his donkey fetish), a bunch of democratic prostitutes, Philoxenus, a couple of slaves and Bdelycleon the argumentative party animal to give not-so-subtle commentary on how Cleon was a really bad leader to have when the Spartans were about to invade. And make dick jokes the whole way through.

Anyway! The Argentina trip is coming up soon - end of March! - so we have been practicing the haka (a traditional... war dance, I suppose? that the Maori do to impress each other when they go to visit other tribes) and learning various songs to sing to the Argentinians we'll be visiting. And there will be a blog, which I am in charge of, so I will link to that at some point! (Also Kelly if you're reading this, are you able to set up wordpress on a subdomain called argentina for me? I was going to call you about it earlier but hey!)

I've also been reading 1984 again and am again finding the parallels between Orwell's guesses and what's actually happening now rather creepy. I might write more about this later when I've got to the end of it again.

My only other piece of... news is that I may or may not have accidentally signed up to be the singer for some covers of Jethro Tull songs. This may or may not come up later. XD

That's all, folks!

... or rather, that was all, folks! Because I wasn't actually able to post this last night you now get tacked-on complaint about how I never actually get to post anything on Friday anyway. XD
Also, the Mario Bros. vs the Wright Brothers. Worth listening to!
And this being Saturday evening, I have been to see the Pokemon movie. It was basically a laugh-fest most of the way through, though Victini genuinely moved me and the end song and opening song were both really cool. I recommend that you guys watch it if you can!

Aaaand I've been given an accidental warning that the net's going soon, so this is getting posted immediately after I finish this sentence and type XD. XD

EDIT: This is a school haka here. Whoever uploaded it displays the standard Year 11 Maori mentality towards competition. They were also from Tait house. XD
I'm on the back right of the house with all the Maoris.


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