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malevolent_voices ([personal profile] malevolent_voices) wrote2012-02-05 10:30 pm

Mum again

let's just say, to be quick, that I now have no idea whether I'm in high school or not. Because I was, then I wasn't and that was rather upsetting and then I was again and now I may or may not be.
Which means yay I'm even more angry with Mum than I usually am because she won't tell me! :D
And as usual it's not like I have any say in the matter.
Oh and also the Friday night thing still.
Happy, happy, happy!

EDIT: also I'm aware that I haven't replied to any of your comments on the other post I made - I was very happy to receive them and have in fact written replies to many of them but managed to lose them through dad resetting the router randomly at one point. <.