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malevolent_voices ([personal profile] malevolent_voices) wrote2013-01-29 05:48 pm

Good news!

The local high school has agreed to take me in for just English classes, solely for the one paper I need... Which means I can go to university this year!

The question is, do I want to? I'm starting to think it might be better either way to raise some money this year and then start university next year.
I would have more life experience going into uni and I'd also not be as reliant on my parents to pay my way through.
The other point is that if I do go to university this year and Mum pays, I'm going to feel obliged to stay at home and keep my end of the deal.
So we'll see what happens, considering that she has said that she doesn't feel she can justify supporting me through university...
It could just be something she said in the heat of the moment and will go back on later.

Again, life is confusing but it's at least heading in a good direction, I guess. xD

(short update today!)