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malevolent_voices ([personal profile] malevolent_voices) wrote2013-01-29 01:02 pm

Wow, look at all these updates!

Everything is so confusing at the moment, which is why I'm trying to put up stuff I think is important as it happens. xD

So Dad has basically said "I know you must be feeling really shitty right now, but just think of this as a new beginning rather than a failure!"
And he's also saying that they should enrol me in the Certificate of University Preparation. Not only that, but he thinks that it's probably better than I did that before starting on a degree anyway as it would give me a Calculus certificate and open up access to other papers!

I still want to get away from home because things with Mum are the way they are, but I also don't want to spurn Dad and his good will towards actually getting me into university.
This Certificate of University Preparation is six months and he's suggesting I should spend the rest of that time working... If I can hold out for six months, maybe I can make my move after that? Because that's more or less what I was planning anyway, except I wouldn't have the money to pay for the CUP course this year.

I really don't know. xD