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My view on robot sex slaves

 I'm a geek, yes. I build computers and robots, I carry a laptop around with me full time. I had a USB drive in my pocket when I went to a school social once.

For some reason this has made a large number of the guys at school come up to me and ask "Would you have sex with a robot?" or "Are you going to make an army of robot sex slaves for yourself?"
I'm not sure what answer they're expecting, but I usually just answer "No."

But I got kind of annoyed at being asked this so often so the last person to ask me that got a good five minute lecture actually explaining to him my reasoning for those answers and why I think that robot sex slaves are actually going to become an unfortunate reality at some point in the near future. 
This is some of what I said, if anyone's interested.

So, to clarify: yes, I could actually love a robot, I suppose. If said robot was a free entity that could also love in return without just being forced to by its programming and actually thought me worth loving. It'd have to definitely be humanoid if I were to be interested and be able to express itself as an independent intelligence rather than just being a straight out product designed for the sole purpose of granting lonely people with no social skills an easy way to get partners.

Basically with the current technology level of the world and how hard it would be to program a robot of that level of intelligence, me having sex with a robot is right out.

However, it would be rather more simple to make a robot that existed for the sole purpose of pleasuring people - i.e. a robot sex slave.
You would only need (at most) the level of response that a character in one of those porn games would exhibit to be able to satisfy the sort of people who get off on them, at which point the only major obstacle would be the hardware. 
A lot of the problem with the idea of a human replica robot is how many different things you would have to be able to program it to respond to in order to act like a human. In this case though, you only need it to be able to have reasonably realistic-seeming sex. To be fair, this is still complex but a far less monumental task than completely replicating a set of human responses.
And then what about someone who's turned on by something that isn't human? Well, you can make a robot for that, too! And once you've made one, it's reasonably easy to mass-produce appliances. Which is what they would be.

I personally believe that there is actually enough of a market out there that it's almost inevitable that sex-bots will end up being mass-produced. So instead of just having a little store that people walk out of carrying brown paper bags, you'll have a little store where you go in and pay for a token. And then you'll walk to whichever booth suits your interests and put the token in to turn it on.
If your wife or husband isn't performing satisfactorily, just buy a robot! 

I think that possibly there will be government legislation against it in some countries when they realise it's possible. But has that stopped people selling heroin?

Personally I refuse outright to be involved ever in the production of sex robots. But there'll be people out there like me who like building robots or programming them who won't bat an eyelid at the chance to make some money patenting a sex robot, and there'll be companies that will see the profits to be made in producing them.

I could be completely, utterly wrong about a lot of this. Possibly no-one wants to see robot sex slaves become a reality. But unfortunately I think that I'm at least partially right. Humanity's always quite enjoyed having slaves. The only real problem with them has been that they're human and they have a sense of being oppressed, so they rise up when they get the chance.
These would be slaves that wouldn't know, couldn't know that they were enslaved.
Every time someone had sex with them, it wouldn't be consensual. Even if the robot agreed to it out loud, hasn't it just been programmed to do so? Forced consent is no consent. It's rape. And I don't think that's right. :/

So, that's my view on this. What's yours?

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Heh have to say there are some pretty some good points there. I do think too sex-bots will be end up being mass-produced and there will be a market for those. I think there are a market for those at Japan and German already?

Hm, can't seem to wrap my head around your having sex with a robot not being consensual comment. Perhaps it's because I'm unsure if consent should be considered over a person and something that is produced. Then again, I do get what you mean and that would be the case if it's a free entity.
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nice, so you study mechatronics?
that's awesome! but yeah, that's just sickening. fuck sex robots, WTF is that shit?!