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Extra, Extra! Philocleon's donkey proclivities confirmed! Mia makes the bus on time! And more!

So today I made the bus on time (:D!) and also didn't get detention for the other times I missed the bus (8D)!

This is due to a mishap in the school filing system that had them put me down as having an explained absence for Thursday, thereby enabling me to use my undated note for Thursday to cover Friday instead, even though Dad had decided not to give me a note for that. XD

I've found that for the first two weeks of school I've been able to evade the not-being-online-except-Fridays rule because I've had very little homework and have completed all of that along with additional study, though I don't know how long that'll last. I will make the most of it while it lasts, though!


Today we discussed Wasps in Classics some more and the opinion of the other students is that Philocleon does indeed have a donkey fetish and that by head, yes, Aristophanes did mean that head as opposed to the actual head. This is confirmed somewhat by an earlier version of the textbook, which straight away translates the passage as meaning that.
It turns out that the version of the textbook we have is a new translation and that Penguin has stopped publishing the old one in an attempt to disguise exactly how dirty the humour of Aristophanes actually was. XD

We also discussed the difference between desire and yearning, thereafter comparing yearning to the oft-used phrase “burning with passion” and debating whether the latter two mean the same thing. And yes, I do actually talk like this out loud – just imagine some added Kiwi colloquialisms and you have me down pat.


Speaking of New Zealand, you're now in for a rant from me about stupid things! :D

We may have a fairly “clean, green, environmentally friendly” look to us from the outside, but once you get here you see the litter all around the place – the McDonalds' packaging strewn along the roadside as those who claim to care for the environment contribute significantly to making it worse.

We may have beautiful scenery, beautiful mountains – they're full of broken beer bottles and plastic bags!

Our government might seem more tolerable than those of other countries – and then you realise that they're holding onto the coat-tails of the United States, desperate to keep on its good side lest we be invaded for some reason. Which is amusing, since we've currently got more risk of invasion from China.

It is safer to walk around the streets of the capital city of Myanmar, Yangon, at 11PM at night than it is to take a wander around Auckland. People are beaten up and robbed every day of the year; our gangs are constantly making methamphetamine and having drive-by shootings.
Teenagers dying of alcohol poisoning occupy a fair amount of newstime, there are (on average) five suicides a week and the government minister responsible for looking into and stopping this hasn't done anything for four years, despite calls for funding from some of the people who have made this issue their life's work and have a considerable reputation behind them.

ACTA? Pffft, we're already providing all everything that goes through our internet to the US via a base in the South Island. Two hikers wandered into it by accident a year or so back, only to be told by a US Army representative that they had crossed a border into US territory. They were immediately deported the fifteen metres back into New Zealand. Why on earth does the US have a base in New Zealand and who the hell actually let them put it there? For all we know they're using it as a replacement Guantanamo! And since it's apparently US territory now while still technically belonging to NZ, what's to stop them building a nuclear missile there, hmmm?

We may seem a peaceable nation (we're nuclear free and only have a 3000 man army, thanks to “I smell the uranium on your breath” David Lange!) but in World War I we were anything but!

Our men were “champing at the bit”, as a fair number put it, to get to “the War” in Europe – and those who weren't, the conscientious objectors, were treated despicably.

The police would arrive at their doors at dawn and take them into custody at which point they would be delivered into the army camp, where they became prisoners of the men who'd jumped at the news of war and joined the army straightaway. The soldiers immediately knew that they were “cowards” and would beat them constantly, at least as much as anyone in an enemy's prisoner-of-war camp would be, if not more brutally! This is somewhat understandable because of the attitudes at the time, the conscientious objectors being regarded as traitors to the nation – but I really don't think that excuses New Zealand at all.

To make matters worse, when the army shipped out to Europe, these poor men would be put in chains and loaded into the holds of troop-ships like so much equipment where they would immediately be set upon by the sailors!

When they reached the front lines, they would be chained to posts out in front of the trenches and left there, come fair or foul weather, for the German army to shoot.

Accounts from German troops of the time state that most men refused to shoot the objectors because it was obvious from the way they were left chained out there that these men were not their enemy. It was only because of this that any of New Zealand's conscientious objectors survived World War I.

 And to finish this off, a short log from a conversation I had a few minutes ago:

 [8:35:17 PM] Mia: so during today I somehow ended up writing a rant that turned into the mistreatment of conscientious objectors in WWI by the NZ army

[8:35:44 PM] Mia: not /quite/ sure how I got on that topic, but it's going on my dreamwidth because I have no idea where else to put it. XD

[8:36:12 PM] Jax: Okay.  XD  Looking forward to reading it~!

[8:36:22 PM] Mia: okay. XD

[8:36:35 PM] Mia: also, confirmation that Philocleon has a donkey fetish!

[8:37:44 PM] Jax: XD  Who didn't in those days?

[8:37:50 PM] Mia: ummm... XD

[8:37:54 PM] Mia: good question!

[8:38:10 PM] Mia: Pretty sure Odysseus or however you spell his name had one

[8:38:23 PM] Jax: Yeah, probably.  Or a horse one.

[8:38:26 PM] Mia: and Cleon probably also did, being the rapacious mass of blubber that he was!

[8:38:41 PM] Jax: And never mind the non-Grecians.

[8:38:45 PM] Mia: XD


Still not sure how I got from one topic to the other, but hey! Enjoy!

Also I've been listening to a lot of this guy's ukulele covers of things and am really liking him!

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