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So this happenened yesterday!

Yesterday wasn't all that enjoyable.

I'm royally pissed off right now because I've now been late to school (missing first period on both days) two days in a row. This could earn me one or two detentions – the kind in which you spend all of lunch-time and interval picking up rubbish.

Part of this is my fault – today I overslept about twenty minutes so I was in a rush and yesterday I started installing Windows XP a little late in the morning – but overall I should still have been able to get to school on time both days.

But no, I wasn't able to! Yesterday it was just because the bus was half an hour late (and I don't even know if my tutor teacher will accept my note for that) and today it was because my foster-brother (Chevy) somehow undid the brakes on my bike.

I mean, what the fuck? I was biking down the hill at my house (very steep and somewhat precarious at the best of times) and suddenly I needed to apply the brakes so I didn't crash into a fence. They weren't there. That fence really hurt.

If I'd had brakes on my bike, I wouldn't have hit the fence and I would've made the 7:50 bus, which would definitely get me to school on time. But I couldn't leave my bike, even wrecked as it was, out on the hill and keep walking. Even if I had I'd still have missed the bus. So I took the bike back up the hill and in the time it took to persuade Dad to drive me down to the bus stop, I missed the 7:50.

And then the 8:25, my last chance to get to school on time and not need a note to avoid a detention, came half an hour late – again.

And because I overslept – even if I would still have been able to get to school on time had my bike actually had brakes – I have this strange feeling that Dad won't give me a note. Thanks, Mum!

Basically I am not particularly happy right now.

I'm sitting in Physics, sore, covered in dust, hungry because I didn't even have time for breakfast and just really, really worried about whether I can actually sort this whole mess out or not.

Because my parents don't have time for “excuses”. Even if whatever I'm going to say is perfect valid and actually a rather good reason why I wasn't able to do something, they (well, mainly Mum – Dad just goes along with it cause he'll get shit from her later if he doesn't) just suddenly yell “I DON'T WANT TO HEAR EXCUSES” and I get some sort of punishment for having dared to try and justify my actions.

So, to conclude this rant, yes I am pissed at myself for oversleeping, but I'm far more annoyed at various other people because it wasn't oversleeping that made me late.


The good thing is that I don't actually have to go home till 11 tonight, so I'll be able to postpone the inevitable “YOU OVERSLEPT, HUH?” lecture from Mum and play card games with people I rather like instead!


At the time of writing I'm at school and my battery's about to run out so I guess I'll post this when I get home. Because I was in such a hurry that I left my charger at home.


In the end I wasn't able to post this yesterday, so here it is now!


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Get your parents to drop you off at school? lol